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A Poetic Retelling of an Unfortunate Seduction

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[Sun Apr 27th, 2008 11:54am ]
I never use this lj anymore, ADD MY NEW ONE!!!!

Happy birthday, happy birthday..

[Thu May 19th, 2005 11:02am ]
If you see him, tell him I wish him well
How am I doing? Well, sometimes it's hard to tell
I still miss him more than ever
But please don't say a word
If you see him.
If you see him.
Oh, I still want her
Oh, I don't know why we let each other go
If you see him, tell him the lights still on for him
Nothing's changed,
Deep down the fire still burns for him
And even if it takes forever, say I'll still be here
If you see him..

[Mon May 9th, 2005 3:55pm ]
this background photo is property of joe. i borrowed it for the soul purpose to use as this background. this entry is to give him credit for this elevator shaft in KPPC

[Sat Apr 30th, 2005 9:48am ]

[Thu Apr 21st, 2005 7:25pm ]
do NOT call my cell. it was stolen and i cancled the phone/
1 children waiting for the day they feel good // Happy birthday, happy birthday..

[Thu Apr 21st, 2005 3:45pm ]
ok. ive been getting suggestions from people to public this so people can "try before they buy" and add me. here is stuff.

:x: name: christina
:x: height: 5'3
:x: shoe size: 8 1/2
:x: hair color: blackish
:x: siblings: 1 sister
:x: eyes: green!
:x: college: SUNY Cobleskill
:x: jr.high: Oregon
:x: elementary: Eagle elementry school
:x: hometown: Medford
:x: favorite place: Barn
:x: favorite soda: sprite
:x: game system: XBOX
:x: favorite food: used to be sushi.. lol now i guess pita bread with hummus
:x: favorite book: perks of being a wallflower
:x: favorite pen: those black ones with the vertical stripped grips
:x: favorite car: Prowler
:x: favorite animal: pony!
:x: waterbrand: Fuji
:x: favorite burger place: i dont eat burgers..
:x: favorite hobby: horseback riding, ddr, HTML, my website (www.ieatpants.com), guitar, my band
:x: favorite friends: you know who you are
:x: bar or club: i dont really go to bars or clubss
:x: favorite vitamins: GUMMY WORM ONES!
:x: favorite show: CSI: Miami
:x: favorite news: CSPN?
:x: gold or silver: silver
:x: favorite dog: corgis
:x: cell phone co.: t-mobile
:x: favorite shirt: my edward scissorhands shirt or the penis shirt
:x: favorite sport: horseback riding
:x: favorite alcohol: Daquri
:x: favorite computer: my laptop
:x: favorite fruit: strawberries
:x: favorite song: ummm i dont know
:x: ketchup or salsa: salsa
:x: favorite milkshake: chocolate soy
:x: steak or lobster: neither, im vegan
:x: favorite color: silver
:x: favorite weather: comfortable temp but drizzly
:x: favorite state: ny?

:x: have a crush on someone: yes :)
:x: wish you could live somewhere else: yes
:x: think about suicide: yeah
:x: believe in online dating: negative
:x: think others find you attractive: sometimes
:x: want more piercings: yeah, lip soon
:x: like cleaning: somtimes
:x: write in cursive or print: its a mix
:x: last talked to: jimmah
:x: last thought of: tv
:x: last showered: this morning
:x: last cut your nails: this morning
:x: last did laundry: last week
:x: last hugged a tree: :)
:x: last watched anime: yesterday
:x: last prayed: i dont pray

for or against…
:x: long distant relationships: for i guess
:x: killing people: :)
:x: teenage smoking: im allergic
:x: driving drunk: baddd
:x: gay/lesbian relationships: very for :)
:x: soap operas: o_O

have you…
:x: ever cried over a gurl: yes i have
:x: ever been in a fist fight: yeah
:x: ever been arrested: nope
:x: ever had a friend die: yes ;_;
:x: ever dated a cousin: ick no
:x: ever used a gun: yes
:x: ever frenched kiss: yes
:x: ever finished a puzzle: yes
:x: ever got surgery: yes
:x: ever got beat up: no
:x: ever hated someone: yes
:x: ever made a huge mistake: the entire chris breakup. its in the past though and im moving on with my life
:x: ever tried any drugs: x
:x: ever jogged a mile: no
:x: ever played w/ someone’s feelings: no
:x: ever had feelings for someone young: depends on what you call young..

:x: shoes do you wear: cons
:x: are you scared of: being alone, dying alone, bees
:x: do you sleep in: undies
:x: did you eat for lunch: no lunch
:x: is love: you cant explain love. i guess in words, that level you get with a person that when your with them, anything could happen but it would be ok, because they are there... wow im corny

:x: of times I have had my heart broken?: 2
:x: of hearts I have broken?: more then 2
:x: of girls I have kissed?: 2
:x: of boys I have kissed?: more then 2
:x: of guys/girls you've rejected?: 10ish?
:x: of drugs you taken: one
:x: of accidents you been in: 1
:x: of people you lead on?: 2
:x: of people you broke up with?: 15

do you think you are…
:x: attractive: sometimes
:x: funny: sometimes
:x: hot: oh baby
:x: friendly: can be
:x: ugly: sometimes
:x: loveable: sometimes
:x: caring: very
:x: dorky: can be
:x: cocky: hahah cocky
:x: girly: not really
:x: boyish: sure?
:x: smart: yes
:x: pimp: negative
:x: angel: hahaha riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight
:x: gangster: word
:x: god: there is no god

:x: five letter word: penis
:x: comedian: adam sandler
:x: candy: i dont eat much candy
:x: cartoon: invader zim
:x: cereal: frtuity pebbles
:x: chewing gum: bubblicious (the blue one)
:x: day of week: saturday
:x: least fave day: sunday
:x: jello flavor: ewwie
:x: summer/winter: summer
:x: trampolines or swimming pools: pool

person who last…
:x: slept in your bed: me
:x: saw you cry: sam i guess
:x: made you cry: chris
:x: you went to the movies with: havent been to the movies in a while
:x: yelled at you: mother probably
:x: sent you an email: the enlarge your penis people

have you ever…
:x: said "i love you" and meant it?: yes
:x: gone out in public in your pajamas?: yes
:x: kept a secret from everyone?: yeah
:x: cried during a movie?: yea
:x: ever at anytime owned new kids on the block: no
:x: planned your week based on the TV Guide?: no
:x: been on stage?: yes
:x: been to New York?: i live here
:x: been to California?: no
:x: been to Florida?: yes
:x: Hawaii?: no
:x: China?: no
:x: Canada?: yes
:x: Europe?: yes
:x: apples or bananas?: bananas!
:x: blue or red?: blue
:x: walmart or target?: either one is fine.
:x: spring or fall?: spring
:x: what are you gonna do after you finish this?: masturbate maybe
:x: what was the last meal you ate?: bocaburger now
:x: are you bored?: yes
:x: last noise you heard?: tv
:x: last smell you sniffed?: bocaburger
:x: last time you went out of state/province?: 3 weeks ago

:x: do you believe in love at first sight?: no
:x: do you want children one day & if so, how many?: none
:x: most important thing to you in a friendship is?: trust, honesty, caring, being able to talk to them and have fun

random stuff…
:x: criminal record?: none
:x: do you speak any other languages?: spanish and im trying to learn others
:x: name some of your favorite things in your bedroom?: bed, fish, rat, mouse, gerbil
:x: piercings and where?: ears
:x: worst feeling in the world?: lonleyness
:x: whom you love: no one

:x: nickname(s): pony, chris, christeen, chrissy
:x: initials: CMO
:x: how old do you look?: 18?
:x: how old do you act?: :)
:x: glasses/contacts?: both
:x: braces: nope
:x: do you have any pets?: yes
:x: you get embarrassed?: sometimes
:x: what upsets you?: rejection, being lonely, my paranoia, when i freak out, my face being touched

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